Tackling behavioural job interviews with data

Smooth Delivery is Not Enough 

In a dynamic job market with new types of roles constantly emerging across almost all industries, employers are more than ever using behavioural interview questions to better understand and gauge what makes a candidate tick. Succeeding at the big interview is not just about what you know, but how it applies to the emerging problems faced by employers. Strong candidates must demonstrate they are flexible enough to not only do what is required today, but also what may be required tomorrow or thereafter.  

A perfect a response to a question is not just about a rehearsed, smooth delivery. It is also about understanding where employers are coming from, and why they are asking specific questions. How a candidate answers is just as important as what is contained in the answer. Spotting where to adjust a response though, often requires experience and intuition. Without access to a career development professional or employability program, this can prove challenging for inexperienced candidates.

Insights Driven Improvement 

An objective analysis of answers can help candidates gain insights into how responses can be improved. This can however be quite taxing if done manually, on a per question basis. The advent of data analytics and artificial intelligence has helped alleviate this. To be meaningful, such insights must be relevant and actionable. Candidates must be able to get quantitative and qualitative insights. These should ideally go to 

  • The tone of the answer – whether for example, a response sounds negative in the context discussing their prior experiences 
  • The quality of the answer – whether it addresses the question being asked and provides justification for why and how decisions were made, with highlights on the bigger picture to illustrate a candidate’s ability to understand their impact on their employer’s business 
  • A predicted quantitative measure - to help guide candidates on whether they are improving and heading in the right direction 

Endorse Sheet has embedded these tools into the real-time interfaces we provide you, known as Interview Workout. With instant feedback, you quickly understand where you need to improve and where you are doing well. With multiple modes of access, through the web or via voice interactions, you can also customise the way you would like to prepare for an interview, at a pace you are comfortable with.  

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