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    Cost-Effective, Individual Career Support for

    Departing Employees

  • The What, When and Why of e-Outplacement.

    Help Employees Move Forward Positively During Times of Change

    What is e-Outplacement?

    e-Outplacement is a term used to describe digital services to help employees who have been laid off or made redundant find new jobs. Unlike traditional outplacement services, e-Outplacement offers the individuality of one-on-one self service support with low costs at a level similar to that of a group outplacement. These services include career counseling, interview preparation, and other tools for a successful career transition. e-Outplacement services can be used by a variety of organizations, including private companies, nonprofit organisations, and government agencies.

    What are the benefits?

    In the rapidly changing modern world, organisational change is inevitable. As companies respond to market forces, employee separation is unavoidable. This can affect entire companies or have a direct impact at the division and department levels.


    In such situations, organisations and institutions are turning to e-outplacement services for assistance. It provides employers with the following benefits:
    • Maintaining a positive work atmosphere with remaining employees - who will closely observe how outgoing colleagues are treated. This will have a direct impact on long term retention rates and motivation,
    • Maintaining a good reputation in the market place - particularly when large numbers of employees are laid off. Local and industry media, customers, business partners and potential candidates are likely to be watching closely to see if it will negatively impact the community, their services and future career prospects.
    • Minimising duration and cost of separation - by maintaining a positive relationship with departing employees. This is particularly so in relation to minimising the likelihood of disputes and employee absences during critical handover periods.
    • Providing individualised ongoing support. Departing employees will be able to move forward positively and quickly towards a new chapter in their careers.
    • Minimising strains on human resource management - particularly during times of rapid structural change, when staff movement, recruitment and onboarding are happening all at once.
    • Better facilitation of change management - through seamless onboarding and transition of departing employees onto e-outplacement services.

    When should e-outplacement be considered?

    e-Outplacement is a versatile service that can be used in a number of situations. These include:
    • Changes in business direction
    • Company takeovers
    • Mergers
    • Relocation of workplaces
    • Outsourcing
    • Staff reduction
    • Rationalisation measures
    • Lack of employee performance  
  • How e-Outplacement Works



    As soon as the decision to terminate an employment contract is made,

    e-outplacement should be considered as part of the organisational support offered. Preparations should be made prior to discussions with affected employee(s).



    During discussions with departing employees, the organisation should initiate conversations about the availability and benefits of using e-outplacement services to help them move forward quickly and positively.



    Endorse Sheet will get in touch with affected employees on a nominated date, to onboard them onto the platform and give access to our array of career transition tools.


    Ongoing Support

    Organisations can choose how long they wish to support outgoing employees. At the end of the organisation puchased support period, individuals can decide to transition to our free plan or continue at the purchased service level.

  • Key Features

    How We Help Support Employees To Move Forward Positively

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    Career Wizard

    Tool to help people balance their life and career goals for a sustainable change.

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    Tool to help people get endorsements from supervisors, peers and colleagues, so they can demonstrate to new employers their role and cultural fit.

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    Career Finder

    Tool for people thinking about switching to a totally new career or industry.

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    Interview Workout

    Tool to help people prepare for job interviews, with 1000+ questions and AI analysis of answer quality and structure.

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    Strengths Analyser

    Psychological tool to help people analyse their personal strengths and weaknesses in different situations.

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    Tool to help plan, track and execute career change.

  • Platform Demonstration

    Take a peek at how the tools work.

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    Helping To Ace Job Interviews

    Endorse Sheet helps users leverage the power of data insights to improve the structure and quality of their interview responses, based on the STAR methodology.

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    Help To Match Personal Values And Careers

    Sometimes people aren't a good fit for their chosen career. Endorse Sheet helps match people to roles that better align with their personal values for sustainable change.

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    Help To Understand Personal Strengths

    When people work to their strengths, great things happen! Endorse Sheet leverages proven psychological techniques to help users better undestand when they are at their best and when they are not.

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    Help To Stand Out From The Crowd

    Endorse Sheet helps users show future employers why they are the perfect fit for a role with socially validated competencies, personal attributes and achievements - obtained from supervisors, peers and colleagues.

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